Criminal drama

St. Petersburg. Our days.

FSB is developing an organized criminal group, which is headed by a crime boss nicknamed Soha. Of particular interest to the FSB caused surgically extracted data communications "leadership" OPG representatives of foreign intelligence.

Suddenly killed all members of organized crime groups seen in contacts with foreign agents. After analyzing the situation with the death of members of organized crime groups, the FSB leadership understands that among the employees eligible to sensitive materials, most likely is a "mole".

Major FSB Trofimov is called to the manager. It is believed that his friend from the Department for Combating Organized Crime, Yury Ivanov is the "mole". Yury Ivanov and Pavel Trofimov had been friends since the school, together fought off punks after school, both entered the Academy of the Federal Security Service. The betrayal of his friend Major believes. However, during the investigation Trofimov comes to understand that the suspicions are not without guidance sense. Ivanov really could be a foreign agent.

Moreover, Trofimov understands that a foreign intelligence service employees do not inadvertently decided to eliminate members of organized crime groups. Apparently, the foreign intelligence service performs some operation on the territory of Russia.

He has a major just a few days to bring his friend to clean water, or to calculate the real traitor.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Armenak Nazikyan
Photography director(s):
Vyacheslav Gurchin
Vladislav Reznik, Evgeniy Volovenko, Natalia Kruglova, Elena Karpova, Igor Filippov and others