Criminal drama

Timothy Petrov is chosen as a new Ataman Cossack of the village. He is asked by a businessman from St. Petersburg, Zaretsky, to sell him the land for the construction of the plant. The previous ataman refused Zaretsky - because on this earth Cossacks want to build a church. And Petrov agrees and even takes the money of Zaretsky. Petrov`s daughter, Katya, lives in St. Petersburg and sings in a folk ensemble, and once Katya is kidnapped on a night out. Katya manages to call to her father and says that it is near Ushanky village. The girl was beaten and thrown out of the car. Petrov immediately arrives to St. Petersburg. Near the village he finds a half-dead Katya. Ataman drove Katya the hospital - she was unconscious, and doctors could not guarantee that she will live. Petrov now wants only one thing - to find the attackers and avenge for his daughter.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Igor Kopylov
Photography director(s):
Victor Gonchar
Igor Kopylov, Alexey Rybin
Nikolay Kozak, Vladimir Zaytsev, Mikhail Eliseev, Evgeniy Sirotin, Dariya Rumyantseva and others