Conditional policeman

The main characters get to St. Petersburg in different ways and for different life circumstances.

     The principled and uncompromising Gordeeva begins to perform the duties of a district police officer, having moved to St. Petersburg from Murmansk. There is an unfamiliar city around, unfamiliar people, and in the work "on earth" it is so important to know that there is a person on whom you can rely. But how do you find someone you can trust?

     Ryzhov, after two years in prison, returns to his native Petersburg, hoping for a quiet life. In the recent past, an experienced Moscow policeman, now he is an ordinary "assistant", who has hardly found a job in a residential service, under the supervision of the district police Commissioner, captain Gordeeva.

     Fate brings our heroes together. They are attracted to each other as opposite charges. They are very different, but that is why they complement each other perfectly, because Ryzhov and Gordeeva have the same understanding of what is good and evil, loyalty and betrayal, conscience and honor of a police officer.

     Ryzhov and Gordeeva do not tolerate injustice, and therefore inevitably enter into a confrontation with the criminal group that controls the situation in the area. Trying to restore basic order, the characters are fighting with corrupt officials and criminal elements who have settled in the power structures of the district. Gordeeva and Ryzhov often find themselves in life-threatening situations, but they do not hesitate to come to each other's aid in solving banal everyday conflicts that occur daily in a quiet, at first glance, area on Okhta, and in resolving emergency situations of regional scale.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Andrey Korshunov
Photography director(s):
Vladimir Brylyakov, Pavel Kiselev
Igor Bednykh
Denis Rozhkov, Alexey Nilov, Sergey Koshonin, Anastasia Tyunina, Yegor Bakulin and others.