Criminal drama

Viktor Rastorguev is a police colonel with his family moved to St. Petersburg. In Moscow, he got in trouble and was forced to leave. Quietly serve in Moscow it would have been no avail.

In St.Petersburg Rastorguev became a chief of the police department in one of the areas of the city. However, Rastorguev moved his family - his wife Elena and 16-year-old son Pavel. They are trying to get comfortable in a new place, but in their lives come not as they would like.

Rastorguyev has a lot of problems in the service. Unfortunately, his predecessor has started its course many processes, so Rastorguev have to order in their units.

The city begins redistribution of property: from prison goes Maksim Tikhomirov – a gangster credibility. He wants to reclaim what once belonged to him, but completely taken over by his former partner, when he was put.

Rastorguev restores order in the units. He is a hard and determined man. Tikhomirov returns to prison - for him a matter of principle.



 NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Anatoliy Artamonov, Oleg Larin
Andrey Tumarkin
Andrey Chubchenko, Yan Tsapnik, Tatiana Cherkasova, Kirill Polukhin, Tatiana Kolagnova, Alexey Fokin and others