Black city
Criminal drama

40-year-old police investigator of St. Petersburg Oleg Borin institutes criminal proceedings against the student who raped a girl. A teenager`s father - Nikolay Zhurov - occupies a major position in the Customs, has a lot of friends in high places. The issue transferred to more "advanced" investigator and Borin expelled from work "blacklisted." Here Borin`s "black line" begins. He is himself out of work, problems with work has his wife, son expelled from school ... At this time, he gets a call from an old friend - Genae Lipatov. He got a job as a security guard at a large wholesale market, and agreed with the authorities that Borin also will place as a guard. Borin decides to accept this proposal. With one bag he arrives into this small town, but cannot find his friend. He visits the market where Lipatov worked. But even there - cannot find a trace of his friend. The market appeared to be in complete desolation, but under heavy guard. After talking with the local drunks, he finds that the market is closed on the decision of the central authorities. Borin tries to go to the territory of a closed market and refers to the guards, trying to find traces of the friend. Hiding from the police, Borin at night sees the market and sees how trucks, cars and trucks enter the market territory, there is some kind of secret life. Penetrated with one of the machines to the territory Borin discovers the entrance to the underground corridors, which are unloaded and loaded trucks, goes back and turns in this underground city, where there is a turbulent life: Borin sees the shop with packed drugs, sees underground casinos, shops, Chinese workers who forge things brands, the cells with young girls, there are small coffee shops, VIP lounges, clearly brothels and so on - all the usual vices of the city, just under the ground. In the underground city war begins - on one side - the entire security market, on the other - Borin.



NTV commissioned production. 

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Viktor Tatarskiy
Photography director(s):
Victor Gonchar
Alexey Rybin
Dmitriy Marjanov, Alexander Baranovskiy and others.