Criminal drama

Oleg Biryukov, nicknamed Biryuk gets terrible news from his first wife Julia: their son Maxim is killed.

Biryuk is a former opera in a special department, a retired major, already 10 years living ordinary civilian life after being gone from the organs: the detention of criminals killed them taken hostage and Biryuk found himself guilty in her death. At the exit from the service engaged into the business of furniture restoration. With Julia, they went more than 20 years ago, when Maxim was 8, since they both got new families. But Maxim has remained his only child, with current wife he has no children except the ones of her first marriage.

Despite the divorce of parents, Maxim followed in his father's footsteps, he became a policeman. On the day when he was killed, Maxim had a day-off, which he spent with his wife Katya and son Misha. On the way back home from the theater, they became unwitting witnesses to a robbery attack on collectors. Desperate by the nature Maxim unarmed comes to help collectors. Injured. In front of his wife and son a gang leader ruthlessly finishes Maxim, with bandits prey hiding from the crime scene.

At the grave of Maxim Biryuk asks the son about forgiveness. At that moment he realizes that he really – a lone wolf, Biryuk, even though loaded with worries about not his children and grandchildren, but with his son's death exactly slept veil: he is living in someone else's family and home and his grandson Misha calls ‘grandfather” Julia`s husband.

Suddenly the widow Katya refers to Biryuk with a request to find the criminals: even if the police seize the gang, it does not satisfy the court, she has to witness the death of her husband's killer. Biryuk refuses, it is now obliged to think about the son, not to risk him. But Biryuk refused only in words, for himself he decides he would take up arms, he will avenge Maxim.

Since it is bound best friend Maxim Vadim, worked as an investigator in the operations group, where Maxim served. It turns out that Katya had the same request, and the day before turned to him, he, certaily, refused. Fearing for her condition, he followed her and saw her meeting with Biryuk.

After their own investigation, Biryuk and Vadim found: one of the collectors of the raid, where Maxim was killed, possibly associated with a gang. Kidnapping him, Biryuk and Vadim learn from him not only about the other members of the gang: the leader Seriy, Seriy`s lover Malysh who tried to kill him, Solovey and Porokh, but also about the upcoming raid on his tip on collectors with sum of 400 million. Biryuk understands: due to the disappearance of the collector band can "lay low", but they have the option of Vadim himself to lure the bandits on the matter.

Vadim calls Seriy from the collector`s number, not hiding who he proposes a deal: they can safely go to the case, the collector is not a problem, he is hidden in a safe place. But it will take a share to Vadim. Seriy agrees, but with one condition: Vadim would go with them.

The Seriy`s band and Vadim are at the surgical site, waiting for collectors. Biryuk must declare at the decisive moment, from the shelter next  together with Vadim to make his case for revenge. But in their case with Vadim plan fails: Seriy, suddenly wounds Vadim, orders him to join him and his "accomplice". Biryuk has no choice: he comes out of hiding under the scope of bandits. But Seriy other plans for him. He tells Biryuk to raid their place, otherwise he will finish Vadim. And at the same time he will check whether this is not a police ambush.

And now Biryuk need to commit a robbery, and that no casualties, rescue Vadim, and avenge his son. But it only remains to be learned: Vadim is a traitor. To save Katya and her grandson, Biryuk is willing to risk his life.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Igor Draka
Photography director(s):
Alexander Vatalev
Maris Shmats
Igor Chernevich, Alexey Nilov, Artem Alekseev, Boris Bedrosov, Alisa Zolotkova, Denis Starkov, Roman Zhilkin, Vitaliy Kuklin, Vera Tran, Nadya Dmitrieva, Oleg Drozdov and others