Beyond legislation
Criminal drama

From the provincial town Totma to Peter comes an intelligent teacher of forty six years old, a  widower Dmitry Gordin. Recently was killed his daughter Valya, who was a student at St. Petersburg University in the Faculty of Philology (studying English and French). Valya died after falling from the window of a private hotel. Her death recognized as an accident. Dmitry Gordin wants to take the daughter`s body to bury in their town. But, as it turned out, the girl was buried the day before his arrival as an unidentified body. Gordin is shocked. He goes to the police station and demanded to show a case that was filed because of her daughter's death. Dmitry cannot achieve the truth. No one can tell him why the daughter was buried without his presence. Dmitry Gordin begins his own investigation. It quickly becomes clear that someone is not very profitable to the mystery of Valya's death was disclosed. Gordin is being hunted.



NTV commissioned production. 

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Andrey Djunkovskiy
Photography director(s):
Dmitriy Plyusnin
Elena Tsventukh
Gennadiy Vengerov, Nikolay Dobrynin, Lilian Navrozashvili, Lyubov Virolyanen (junior)