Be saved, bro!
Criminal drama

Father Arseny, a veteran of the Afghan war, for many years has been living in the monastery. There after the death of his parents and settled Vadim,  Father Arseniy`s nephew. Vadim is 18 years, and it is difficult to live here.

After a quarrel with Father Arseny Vadim collected things and went out of the monastery. The Abbot believesFarther Arseniy was too severe with his nephew and sends him to skit - to atone for sin.

    Egor Surin is serving his sentence in the colony. He learns that his wife divorced with him. Surin will be released, but Michael once given an evidence against Egor, impresses the chief operative part Efimov. Egor denied in releasing, and he decided to escape. Lost in the woods, Egor falls into a swamp, difficult to get out of it and goes to the monastery where Father Arseniy is praying. Egor says Father Arseniy about his life till jail. Egor had a best friend, with whom he did business. And then he threw Egor, gave evidence against him and sent to the area. A divorced wife of Egor is going to get married with Michael. And now Egor wants a revenge.           

Father Arseniy came to the monastery, and told the story of Egor to Father Georgiy. Father Georgiy asks Father Arseny to go along with Egor and reason him.

In the village cafe Father Arseniy and Egor interceded for a local prostitute Claudia, who could be hit by local bad guys. Claudia is afraid of revenge of them and left the village with Father Arseniy and Egor.

Employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service, headed by Efimov is looking for Egor. Efimov, orders not to take Egor alive. Egor is a veteran of the Chechen war, and can be dangerous during the arrest. In fact Efimov fears that Egor guessed the trick of Michael.

            Egor arrives to Olga and asked for her forgiveness. He asked her to return to him. But he no longer needed to Olga. She's pregnant.

Egor comes to Michael. Michael and Egor edify each other pistols. Father Arseniy comes - and Michael accidentally shoots him. Father Arseniy falls. He was seriously wounded ...

... A few months later Egor comes to the monastery to Father Arseniy ...



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Anton Sivers
Photography director(s):
Yuriy Shaygardanov
Alexey Vinokurov, Andrey Rumyantsev
Alexander Lykov, Alexey Shevchenko, Marina Domozhirova, Roman Pavlushev, Andrey Kouznetsov, Anna Dyukova, Kirill Baloban, Alexander Ryazantsev, Valeriy Nemeshaev, Vladislav Komarov, Grigoriy Vasiljev and others