Criminal drama

In a remote village a church stands in the distant forest. Serves there  Father Alexey and the servant - Demidov - a strange man, physically very strong, not yet old, closed, taciturn, unsociable - the only person with whom he communicates - Father Alex and his wife, Olga. It turns out that Demidov is a former soldier-internationalist, he killed and not once. Now he suffers intractable issue for himself - to forgive yourself, to forget everything he had seen and experienced in the war or it was a terrible sin. In the city some bandits kidnapped Katya – a known and very rich woman who has made herself in all that she has. The purpose of the bandits - her business. They are taken out of the city and it put her in the car to the other girls who are going to be sold abroad as a prostitute. But choosing the right moment, Katya, together with the other ones runs away from the criminals. Now the girls are in the deep woods, and the bandits are on the trail. In search of the fugitive salvation they come to the village where Demidov lives. He helps the girls to hide. Soon, the criminals appear in the villiage. They are a step behind the fugitives and were about to grab them. Demidov cannot leave  girls in trouble, but to help them, he has to make a choice - again shed blood, to save them from death, or remain "infallible."



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Evgeniy Malkov
Photography director(s):
Viktor Gonchar
Alexey Rybin
Vladimir Vdovichenko, Olga Filippova and others