Anonymous detective

Oleg Rubtsov was one of the best detectives in St. Petersburg, his operational combinations were told in the institutions of the Ministry of internal Affairs. But Rubtsov's career failed because of his alcohol addiction. The Lieutenant Colonel narrowly escaped dismissal, and was sent to the post of head of the criminal investigation Department in the uptown.

 A few years later Rubtsov personally detained dangerous criminals, then the police leadership remembered the talented operative.

In the near future, Oleg is planned to return back to the Main Department of internal Affairs. In the meantime, the influential General Ilyin from Moscow even sends his son Pavel, a recent graduate of the Institute of the Ministry of internal Affairs, to Rubtsov, so that he can acquire the skills of the police service under the guidance of an experienced leader.

       Suddenly, Rubtsov's family is in trouble: his wife's sister, Tatiana, who works as a narcologist in one of the private medical centers, mysteriously disappears.

Rubtsov is a relative of the missing woman, so he can't take part in the investigation. Rubtsov has to deal with this case privately. In addition, Rubtsov sees that the investigator Maxim Turansky is trying to wind down the investigation as quickly as possible, on which he will not be able to make a career in his opinion.

      Rubtsov can't even imagine that soon he will be accused of killing a relative, his wife and colleagues will turn away from him and he will have to prove his innocence alone and look for the real criminals. And that the case of Tatiana's murder is much more complicated than it seems at first sight . The real criminal is somewhere nearby and every time ahead of the detective one step

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Alexey Karelin
Photography director(s):
Viktor Zubarev
Andrey Tumarkin
Dmitry Lavrov, Olga Pavlovets, Stanislav Tkachenko, Gavriil Fedotov, Denis Sinyavsky, Vitaly Gudkov and others.