Admirals of the district

For major Devyatov, it is a matter of honor to solve a crime that occurred in the most criminogenic district of the city - Novoadmiralteisky. The leadership of the local police Department is clearly condoning and mired in corruption. To prove this, interior Ministry General Rubtsov has to recruit a team of new operas that are not involved in corruption. Together they develop a special operation to expose the dmia the new Admiralty district, after which the newly-minted Admiral district agree to continue the job of cleaning the "Augean stables" - a legacy of the previous management.

Devyatov is on the trail of the alleged perpetrator of the terrorist attack - Matvey Veselovsky, a famous night party-goer and car thief. However, Matvey manages to get away from Devyatov's pursuit, while at the same time an accident occurs through his fault, in which the daughter of an authoritative official and businessman Kruglov gets caught. Kruglov seeks Devyatov's dismissal from the FSB, but Devyatov's chief Starygin facilitates the transfer of his ward to the police – to the vacant post of chief of the Novoadmiralteisk district police Department. And Devyatov continues to understand the details of the case of the terrorist attack-now through another Department. But will the admirals accept it? After all, it is known that between the cops and FSB, if not war, then eternal confrontation. Are they able to destroy stereotypes, appease ambitions and join forces not only to search for terrorists, but also in the fight against criminal scum, which like locusts divorced in the Novoadmiraltey district?

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Creative producer:
Vyacheslav Khromenkov
Sergey Poluyanov
Photography director(s):
Edgar Zhamgaryan
Sergey Kuzminykh
Maxim Dakhnenko, Eduard Flerov, Yevgeny Nikitin, Andrey Korovnichenko, Denis Vasiliev, Irina Waltz, Georgy Bolonev, Zaza Chanturia and others