A paper pusher. A great division

It tooks several months from that moment on, as Andrey Vershinin has contributed to the arrest of Victor Medushevsky, Vershinin has almost recovered from his injury, and it is time for him to return to work as the chief of police in Portovoye, after all the upheavals lost not only power, but also almost all the criminal authorities. The shadow owner of the city, lawyer Medushevsky, is under investigation, and his sentence is about to be announced. At first glance, the police in the person of Vershinin finally have a chance to turn the Port into a cozy and quiet city.

However, as soon as Vershinin leaves the hospital, an attempt on Yura Nikitin and Gleb Borisov is made in the city. After the death of Nikitin Sr., his son decided that he was able to continue his father's business, and this makes Yura a hindrance to many forces claiming ownership of the port.

At this time, the power in the city is gradually being taken over by the Corporation "Moscow resources". Using connections at the very top and remaining in the shadows, she promotes her people to key positions in the Port – mayor and chief of port. Medushevsky, which counted on the support of the Corporation in gratitude for having cleared the city under the advent of the "Moscow resources", simply "throw" – because large companies are to face collaboration with a person on whom a criminal case and opened a box full of dirt.

Medushevsky's release breaks the Corporation's plans. Wounded Medushevsky despite everything is going to achieve his goal – to become the godfather of port, along the way taking revenge on all who dared to prevent him – and Vershinin, and "Moscow resources".

Vershinin, who got a lot of bumps on working with former subordinates-corrupt police officers-will have to assemble a new team of reliable people, because major Gubin, even if he has set foot on the path of correction, can not rely on the end. Vershinin appeals to his old friend Nikolai Pugachev – the only one who decided to support Vershinin in the sensational case of corruption, because of which Vershinin was sent to the archive with a "wolf ticket", and Pugachev - to the post of district police officer. Vershinin gives him the opportunity at the end of his career to realize himself and do real work, because in Portovoye they will not have a boss who will beat their hands and let go of those whose place is behind bars.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Maxim Brius
Photography director(s):
Stanislav Mikhailov
Bogdan Bogdanov
Konstantin Strelnikov, Alexey Nilov, Kirill Polukhin, Pavel Gaiduchenko, Yevgeny Bakalov and others