A finger
Criminal drama

Several years ago, Igor Kalinin retired from the police, and now works as a security guard in a jewelry store. One has a daughter Vika. Igor does not know that Vika is a finger of a gang of Timur, her lover. Timur robs the country house of Oksana Sipitsyna, a Vika`s friend. A jewelry case of Oksana is stolen.

When Timur, his accomplices and Vika dismantle case, they find there is a USB flash drive, which takes a Wick - female curiosity ... She does not know what makes the biggest mistake of his life.

Oksana's husband is the organizer of high-profile assassinations, on a flash drive - about the artist and the customer information. Gregory Sipitsyn is to learn about the loss of compromising begins to hunt for Vika and her friends. In desperation, Vika turns for help to her farther. Igor understands that if the daughter will return the flash memory - it will not save her from punishment. The only way to save the life of Vika - to expose Sipitsyn. And Igor is going to do it!



NTV commissioned production.



Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Kim Druzhinin
Photography director(s):
Roman Kaledin
Anna Ulaeva
Igor Lifanov, Sofja Karabulina, Yuliya Topolnitskaya, Aleksey Vernikov, Gavriil Fedotov, Ekaterina Novikova, Oleg Kharitonov and others