12 hours

For operative Yuri Savostyanov, nicknamed Sava, an ordinary meeting in a cafe with one of his informants ended in tragedy. The cleaner, who suddenly turned out to be a Hitman, shot the informant and killed Lena-a loyal partner and fiancee of Sava, who went with him on a mission. The victim of the mysterious killer was also supposed to be Savostyanov, but at the last moment Sava managed to shoot earlier... as a result, he received a slight wound and heavy memories of the day when he could not protect his beloved.

One year has passed. All this time, Sava did not give up trying to reach the organizers of the contract murder. And who would have thought that on the day when Sava agreed to replace his friend and colleague Vadim Orlov on duty, he would again face a contract murder, at this time of a well-known criminal authority. Sava's intuition tells him that there is a connection between this incident and the events of a year ago. Whether this is true or just an invention of his mind tormented by a thirst for revenge, Savva will have to find out in just 12 hours – the most intense in his life.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Alan Dzotsiev
Photography director(s):
Vladislav Gurchin
Andrey Tumarkin
Eduard Flerov, Sergey Intyakov, Alexander Pashkov, Yuri Baturin, Alexey Titkov, Denis Moiseev, Oksana Syrtsova, Andrey Smelov, Ekaterina Zorina and others