Triiks Media film company

Sergey was born May, 7 1960.

He has two higher educations: the first is the Leningrad Institute of Railway Transport Engineers, now the University of Communications. And the second is a humanitarian one: the Higher School of Marxist-Leninist Philosophy.

Working on the party line, Sergey Alekseevich supervised three theaters, the cinema association "Moscow", which included 10 cinemas, library and museum systems and was familiar with the work of creative groups. During Perestroyka he went to work, and in 1998 a proposal related to the film industry was received, and a film company was created in a year. Afterwards, he was invited to work in the film company "Phoenix-Film": a branch was created, which Sergey Alexeevich headed for 4 years. In 2006, together with Inessa Yurchenko, the film company Triiks Media was established.