Triiks Media film company

More than 17 000 of actors have participated in the film company projects during «Triiks Media» lifetime. Each project operation is maintained by casting-directors and stuff of department on crowd scenes actors.   To be set in the database actors should pay attention to the following demands:

- Only high industry-specific (the atrical) school graduating students will be set into the database;

- it is necessary to propose 4-5 portraits 10Х15 sm of size, printed on matt surface paper. One of the photos should be of close-up view;

- it is worth to shrink clumsy head-dresses, sunglasses,  bright artistical make-up;

- Person should wear proper clothes (nonudephoto);

- the photos should be presented to the casting department by actor directly not via emails.


Phone number: (812) 500 95 18

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